Stretch Film Manufacturer

Stretch Film Manufacturer

Stretch Film Manufacturer


  FlejesMX Company that manufactures Cast Stretch film in manual and jumbo/machine grades.


Emplaye Stretch Film Factory
Emplaye in Monterrey
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FlejesMx - Emplaye Factory in Monterrey with retail sale, wholesale, distribution, we also have a counter sale or factory store in the same plant location
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 We are a company founded since 2003 with 15 years of experience in the packaging and industry packaging market at all levels. It manufactures in Monterrey with the best prices and quality in the market. Stretch Film Manufacturer of Emplaye in all its grades and types of the packaging range:

    Emplaye Manual
    Machine Place
    Emplaye tapes

 Emplaye Film made from Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE or Linear Low Density Polyethylene) in a machine with a coextruded distribution of 5 to 8 Layers depending on Emplaye Stretch Films with the greatest resistance and performance, the special needs of the client adding more resistance and performance between each layer, in addition to hexene additives, strengthening its structural formula of all hydrocarbons, adding incomparable transparency and not to mention the strength to the 8 coextrusion layers of the Film of the site.

 The applications of the foil are endless in the packaging industry. Known as a foil film, parquet plastic, stretchable plastic, elastic or striable film it
Virgin LLDPE the best formula for a high performance and puncture resistant Emplaye
LLDPE Virgin Always

Wraps around loads to provide stability during movement. The elastic recovery of the site keeps the elements closely linked together. In addition, stretch film offers your loads a measure of tamper evidence and protection from the elements. Stretch film is manufactured by adding different chemical mixtures to the characteristics of the base polyethylene material that results in memory, strength and adhesion. Flejes MX representatives can help you choose the specific material you will be most happy with. We have a variety of film foils for different applications and industry sectors, including standard or Manual Emplaye, Palletizing Machine Emplaye and Emplaye Tapes. Whether you apply the stretch film by hand or with a stretch wrap machine, we've got you covered.

 FlejesMX® is a market leading and innovative manufacturer of stretch and stretch film, and produces packaging films of exceptional quality. In stretching machines and a new technology center for the optimization of custom cargo securing concepts make the company unique worldwide.

In accordance with our principle 'We have it all Covered!' ®, we offer innovative and modern packaging solutions for different fields of application. We are highly innovative and always close to our clients. Our ability to make quick decisions allows us to react efficiently to market requirements.

Our product portfolio consists of five business segments:

    Emplaye Maquina- Stretchable film for palletizing machines from turntables to high satellite revolutions
    Emplaye Tapes - more versatile packaging tools to hold packages, cheaper and more profitable than any adhesive tape, I invite you to try this great product
    Emplaye Manual - Stretchable film of manual application for the containment of pallets and packaging for packaging
    Emplaye Color - Same as manual emplaye only in colors for product identification and image

The stretch films manufactured by FlejesMX® are used in the industrial sector for the packaging of products.

As a manufacturer of high-quality stretch films, we stand for environmental sustainability and fair competition in the stretch film market. we are fully and fully committed to supplying stretchable films of guaranteed quality.
Strapping MX® at a glance:

    Founded in 2003 in Monterrey, Mexico
    Two production plants
    Film production in two 7-layer coextrusion lines.
    Patented manufacturing methods.

Types of Emplaye and / or Stretch Film

    Emplaye Manual
    Emplaye for Wrapping Machines
    Emplaye Tape
    Emplaye of Colors
    Emplaye a la Measure

Emplaye Manual

 MX® straps. manufactures a complete line of hand-stretched or hand-applied plaster or pleated product designed to meet the needs of your applications. Hand stretch film holds your palletized products together during transit to avoid damage. Our manual stretch wrap applies quickly and easily. Our film provides resistance,

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